Podcasts of children interviewing professionals

  • Key Stage 2
  • CPD and Teacher training
  • Information and guidance for teachers who are new to CRL
  • Learning from other schools
  • Lesson materials that are adaptable
  • Support to embed CRL into a whole school approach or curriculum
  • Support to work with external professionals
  • Embed in curriculum
  • Involve employers and parents
  • Open to all
  • Personalised and relevant to age group
  • Start early
  • Junior
  • Large school
  • Rural
  • Small school
  • Urban
  • Governor
  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Accountancy, Banking, Finance
  • Business management
  • Charity and voluntary
  • Creative arts and design
  • Energy and utilities
  • Engineering
  • Environment and agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and events
  • Law
  • Law enforcement and security
  • Leisure, sport and tourism
  • Marketing, advertising and PR
  • Media and internet
  • Medicine
  • Public services and admin
  • Recruitment and HR
  • Retail and sales
  • Social care
  • Teacher training and education
  • Transport and logistics
  • podcast
  • parents
  • teachers
  • employers
  • lesson materials
  • CPD and training
  • information and guidance
  • Audio

This series of interviews with professionals are led by primary children in Folkestone and presented in a podcast format.

The podcasts begin with an introduction from the Project Leader and a pupil, summarising the issues covered.

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Nuclear Power Station Technican
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Special Needs Worker
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Working Together Song and Music Track
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