Barclays LifeSkills

  • Key Stage 2
  • CPD and Teacher training
  • Information and guidance for teachers who are new to CRL
  • Information and support for Governors
  • Learning from other schools
  • Lesson materials that are adaptable
  • Resources to assess pupil skills
  • Support to embed CRL into a whole school approach or curriculum
  • Support to involve parents/carers
  • Embed in curriculum
  • Involve employers and parents
  • Open to all
  • Personalised and relevant to age group
  • Start early
  • Whole school
  • Junior
  • Large school
  • Middle
  • PRU
  • Rural
  • SEND school
  • Small school
  • Urban
  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Accountancy, Banking, Finance
  • Business management
  • Media and internet
  • Lesson plan
  • Video
  • Worksheets

Access free online interactive resources, ready-made lessons as part of the Barclays LifeSkills suite of career and money related learning activities, to help raise pupils’ aspirations and develop the skills needed for their future.

Barclays LifeSkills

Educators can select from free curriculum linked employability and money resources.  These range from how to be enterprising to building skills such as communication, problem solving as well as identifying their own strengths, goals and aspirations.